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4Ping Brandalysis: Strepsils

Strepsils: Clear Speak
Strepsils is being sold in over 110 countries and in the most of them, strepsils has maintained market leader position in sore throat lozenge market. Strepsils was originally researched and developed in Britain by Boots Company in 1958. Over the years, company has introduced new variants of the product without changing its original formula. The strepsils formula contains
amylmetacresol and 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol, the antiseptic ingredients which fight against bacteria that causes sore throat conditions.

Strepsils was introduced in Indian market in the year 1963. Earlier strepsils was available only on prescription. Boots Healthcare International had an objective that a customer should try strepsils lozenge before he/she consults a doctor for throat problem. To cater to Indian taste, company introduced orange and lemon flavour in 1971 followed by lemon ginger and menthol in 1977 and 1994 respectively.

In 1998, Boots Healthcare International and Nichola Piramal Ltd. joined hands together and created Boots Piramal Health Care Pvt. Ltd. to market BHI products like Clearasil, Lacto Calamine, Saridon, Sweetex and Strepsils in OTC segment. Biggest obstacle for BPHL was its negligible presence in market. Because of Strepsils’ dichlorobenzyl alcohol and amylmetacresol formulation, it can be sold only at chemist shop.

Although we can not compare strepsils with other low priced brand like Vicks and Halls, they give fierce competition to Strepsils. Vicks, Halls and Mint o Fresh are the players of 50 Paise confectionary lozenge category and are freely available while strepsils is positioned as medicated lozenge and available only at chemist shop. But strepsils has been holding ground against all these obstacles. In 2003, strepsils cough syrup was launched as part of line extension in Rs. 600 crore cough syrup market.

Over the years strepsils has emerged as market leader in Rs. 60 crore medicated lozenge market. Marketers of strepsils has continuously changed its packaging, communication and branding strategy to meet changing customer’s need but it has not affected the brand’s core value. Worldwide strepsils has been positioned as lozenge that soothes throat and gives clear voice. In India, they have used same platform to promote the brand. In 2005 strepsils tied up with popular singing talent hunt show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa to produce 12 Strepsils Pure Voice Albums. They also initiated in film placement of strepsils in bollywood flick Salaam Namaste wherein actress Preity Zinta attributes her clear voice to strepsils.

In October 2006, Boots Healthcare International was acquired by FMCG giant Reckitt Benckiser. As a part of this move strepsils (along with Clearasil and Sweetex) came in the fold of Reckitt Benckiser. In January 07, Reckitt Benckiser introduced all new campaign highlighting First Aid Formula wherein Mr. Throat acted as a brand mascot. Mr. Throat is described as a friendly character which builds a strong affinity with the consumers. The new campaign touches the sore throat problem at its core, its manifestations and the role of strepsils in providing effective and soothing relief.

Over the year, strepsils has emerged as a time-tested medicine and has cured throat of many people around the world than any other brand.

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